The Being a Leader and The Effective Exercise of Leadership Program is an advanced leadership
curriculum created in partnership with Harvard Business School professors, philosophers, consultants, coaches and contributors across the globe based on the groundbreaking ontological/phenomenological approach to leadership. This program has been delivered in top universities, institutions, and organizations around the world with groundbreaking results.

In this program, you gain access to being a leader and exercising leadership as your natural self expression no matter what the circumstances. You will be developed in the four foundational factors of being a leader. What we unconceal in this program is that everyone has access to being a leader. When people become plumbers, lawyers or doctors, they study a particular language unique to the profession that gives them access to mastery of their discipline. We will introduce you to the unique language of leadership.

The Creation of the program

The authors of the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership are Werner Erhard, Steve Zaffron, Jeri Echeverria, Kari Granger and Michael Jensen. They created this program for universities in response to today’s demand for leadership in society. The program is delivered at over 30 universities around the world. Leaders Team is an authorized licensee and has been trained by the authors to deliver this program for businesses and organizations.

How is this Program Different?

We are not asking you to learn strategies or techniques on leadership

What is This New Approach to Leadership?

This approach to leadership provides participants the opportunity to master being a leader & the effective exercise of leadership "on the court" as a first-person, real-time, ontological / phenomenological model.


We Need A New Kind Of Leader In The World And This Program Provides Access To Creating That New Kind Of


The Leadership Program created by World Renowned Experts offered as a virtual program in the US and internationally

The program Promise

  • Work in partnership at a whole new level

  • Come together and perform as teams (team alignment)

  • Have a competitive advantage

  • Build a path for the future

  • Develop a new consciousness and awareness

  • Create relationships that work and thrive- new company culture

  • Focus on results in the business or organization

  • Develop leaders who begin leading themselves

  • Leaders are no longer constrained to act within the organization

What if you could Develop

Yourself as a Natural Leader?

  • New Approach to Leadership : This program provides an new approach to leadership and leadership development

  • Experience Leadership Naturally : No books to memorize, no tips and tricks. You will experience leadership as your natural self expression.

  • A Unique Access : We employ a unique method where participants will have the opportunity to master leadership as a first-person experience


11:00am to 3:30pm EST

  • September 19, 2024

  • September 20, 2024

  • September 26, 2024

  • October 3, 2024

  • October 10, 2024

  • October 17, 2024

  • October 31, 2024

  • November 7, 2024

  • November 14, 2024

  • December 12, 2024

  • January 9, 2025

  • January 16, 2025

  • January 17, 2025

Testimonials from our pAST CLIENTS

"I closed 1 million in business last year. In the first 30 days after the program I closed 1 million dollars in sales - equal to my entire last year of sales, in one just month!" - Jackie Little, Keller Williams Realty

Three of the ways this program is different

  • It's not conceptual learning: The traditional method of teaching leadership deals with leader and leadership conceptually from a third-person perspective which is an epistemological / theoretical model. Students are given styles, practices of leaders as described and explained. In this conceptual learning you gather information, knowledge and understanding about leadership to be informed.

  • It's not memorization: In a traditional leadership teaching, students are presented with knowledge and expected to remember and determine how to apply the knowledge in the leadership situation.

  • Be a leader anywhere, anytime: Imagine having access to new ways of being that provide you with naturally acting as a leader as your natural self expression in any situation and in the face of any circumstances; without having to remember strategies or techniques. This is the non-traditional approach offered in this program.